Drupal in the Cloud: The next generation hosting (and more!)

The Acquia Cloud enables you to create, develop and grow your site and business to the full power of Drupal.
Learn how it all works and get a developer tier for FREE, in this session. How to benefit from security, performance, drag-and-drop deployments, separated dev/stg/prod environments... Keep your everyday tools, like: ssh, git, svn, drush @alias, cron... and fine tune for development!
Dev Cloud:
Self-service access to the Acquia Cloud gives developers the ability to focus on fine-tuning their sites. Hide... Battle-tested environment, pre-configured and tuned for Drupal. Separate development, testing, and production environments, each deployed automatically from a source-code repository. Drag-and-drop interface for deploying new code, databases, and files. Manage multiple separate sites per server, with full support for Drupal multi-site configurations. Automatic nightly and single-click on-demand backups and restores.
Managed Cloud:
White glove service for sites that require premium enterprise-level support. Managed Cloud enables high traffic, business critical Drupal websites that require a highly available platform with superior performance. Hide... All the features of Dev Cloud. Multi-server, HA environment to eliminate unexpected downtime. 24/7 support with pro-active response to issues with your site Fully managed elastic response to site demand Acquia Cloud - How does it work? Watch our developer workflow Get a free developer tier! https://www.acquia.com/dev-cloud-free-tier
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