Drupal Commerce, the perfect match for your e-commerce needs

Drupal Commerce is an open source eCommerce framework built specifically for Drupal 7. Its core modules define the basic components and systems you need to do business online without hard-coding assumptions for any particular business model, allowing you to configure Drupal Commerce to meet your business needs instead of getting in your way.

Drupal Commerce reached the stable release at Drupalcon London (2011) and ever since more and more e-commerce sites are adopting the "Commerce way". This talk will show live examples of production sites using Commerce and how the framework helped building them.
Come and see Commerce Guys' vision for the project, an update on the Drupal Commerce roadmap and learn more about the functionality provided by Drupal Commerce out of the box
To get a feel for Drupal Commerce in advance, check out the demo site or install it locally using Commerce Kickstart, which installs all the necessary modules and provides some very simple example store content.

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