Search and Solr in practice "Build - Configure - Customize"

The Workshop
Ever wanted to build a price-compare website like this one or anything similar? How do you start creating those fancy filters and how can we make it easy for the user and ourselves?
In this new format of a workshop I'd like to try and see how far we can get with connecting to Solr, installing the Apache Solr module and Facet Api and configure it. We will use a variety of other modules to customize our website.

The presenter
I have done a thesis around Apache Solr and Drupal and have given several sessions but I always felt that this was not sufficient for people to get a hands-on.

A hand-on guide on-screen that guides you through the whole process
Enough Solr servers that you can keep (Using the Acquia Search free subscription)
Loads of clear documentation on how to set it up
Loads of custom code snippets.

At least experience of installing plain Drupal.
Custom modules skills are not required but could come in handy.

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Tutorial de instalação e outros materiais

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